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Bradford Foster Square renamed in recognition of Foster Care Fortnight 2023

Foster for Bradford has partnered with Northern this Foster Care Fortnight to (temporarily) change Bradford Forster Square to Bradford Foster Square station to celebrate the launch of Foster for Bradford and Foster Care Fortnight in the Bradford district.

The signage bearing the new name is on display at the station for the next two weeks to mark the event, which runs from 15th – 28th May, and is an annual campaign to inspire more people to consider fostering.

L-R: Stuart Copley, Northern Retail Team Leader; John Heron, Foster for Bradford Strategic Lead; Amandip Johal, Bradford Children & Families Trust Assistant Director; Kim Bray, Foster for Bradford Service Manager; Tony Baxter, Northern Regional Director; Darren Allsop, Northern Stakeholder Manager; Mandy Johnson, Northern Customer Service Assistant.

To celebrate the launch of the new fostering agency, Foster for Bradford and Northern are running an event at the station to thank foster carers and provide a fun day out for children in care with food and entertainment.

Foster carers do an incredible job in providing children and young people with the support and stability they need to thrive. We're proud to support Foster Care Fortnight and raise awareness of the need for more foster carers to come forward."” - Tony Baxter, regional director at Northern

New name for the fostering service

Foster for Bradford is the newly named fostering arm of Bradford Children & Families Trust, working with foster carers from across the Bradford district to care for the children and young people in foster care. It is the largest fostering agency in the district, working with over 500 families.

"We’re 100% committed to meeting the needs of children and young people in the Bradford district. Our foster families are at the heart of the care we provide for our most vulnerable children, so we are pleased to be working with Northern on this project to promote fostering in Bradford and provide a fun day out for our fostering families. We are very grateful for the difference they make in the lives of so many children” - Charlotte Ramsden, Chief Executive of Bradford Children & Families Trust

If you’ve ever considered fostering, then now is the right to come forward. Foster for Bradford is a non-profit organisation, that puts children first and at the heart of everything we do. It is wholly owned by the Bradford Children’s & Families Trust, which runs Children’s Social Care on behalf of Bradford Council.

If you foster for Bradford, you will care for a local child or young person, so they can continue to live in Bradford district, close to their friends and school. You’ll receive a professional fee, weekly allowances, additional allowances to cover birthdays and holidays and essential purchases, training, and support throughout every step of your journey.

Anyone interested in fostering for Bradford can find more information on the website or can book a call with a member of the Foster for Bradford recruitment team on a convenient day and time at

Other ways of getting in touch

Text Bradford to 88802 or search – Foster4Bradford – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This Foster Care Fortnight is a great opportunity to find out about children who need foster families, and what it means to be a foster carer, so we encourage anyone who is interested in fostering to get in touch." - Charlotte Ramsden, Chief Executive, Bradford Children & Families Trust

What is Foster Care Fortnight?

Foster Care Fortnight is an awareness raising campaign run by The Fostering Network, a fostering charity who work with organisations and families to improve the lives of children in care.

The theme for Foster Care Fortnight 2023 is fostering communities, highlighting the incredible work our foster carers, their families and social work teams do everyday to make each other and children in care feel supported and part of a wide community who make a difference everyday.

Alongside other fostering agencies across the UK, we will be showcasing the incredible efforts of our fostering community as they strive to improve the lives of children in the Bradford district across Foster Care Fortnight. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see our stories!

Would you like to learn more about fostering in Bradford?

Contact our friendly team today to learn more about foster care in the Bradford district, and how you can change the lives of young people in our area. All our call backs are confidential and there is no obligation to progress - we are here to help you!

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