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Private Fostering

Private fostering is when a child under the age of 16 (under 18 if the young person has a disability) lives with somebody who is not a parent or close relative for 28 days or more. A close relative includes grandparents, aunts/uncles and siblings. 

Private Fostering is not the same as fostering on behalf of your local council or a fostering agency. It is a private arrangement to look after a child that is made between a parent and someone who they have asked to look after their child for 28 days or more. 

Local Authorities have a legal responsibility to know when children and young people are privately fostered (Children Act 2004).


Children’s Services have a legal duty to assess and monitor arrangements to make sure the child or young person is safe and their needs are being met.


If you are made aware of a private fostering arrangement, you will need to inform Bradford Council. You will also need to let the parent and private foster carer know that you have made a referral to Bradford Council.

If you are a parent or a private foster carer who has entered, or is planning to enter a private fostering agreement, you will need to inform Bradford Council. 


Bradford Council Children’s Services will then contact you to discuss the next steps. 


You can make a referral or contact Bradford Children’s Services by phone or email.

Phone: 01274 435600



For more information about private fostering, please visit the Bradford Council website.

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