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A poem, written by one of our wonderful foster carers

We are proud to share with you a poem by one of our wonderful Bradford Fostering community.

We would like to thank all our foster carers across the Bradford district for the work they do to provide loving, safe homes for children in the local area.

You can listen to an audio version of the poem below:

As I look at the pictures

From the time we spent

I hope to understand your journey

To you, time is leant.

Only 9 short nights

You shared our home

Was long enough

To know you still felt alone.

Together, with us,

you had each other

a rarity among care experienced children

you stayed with your brother

You lit up our home

you widened our eyes

we wanted to sing with you

and you were surprised

You wanted the volume up

your smiles alight

I hoped this happiness

saw you through the night

We wanted to immerse ourselves

in your beautiful culture

adapting our lives

a temporary family, we sculptured.

Honouring difference

our old and your new

through your lens, we’ll try see

what it is that you view

Oh little ones, I’ll never know

what it is to put down roots somewhere

you’re not sure you’ll grow

But in our home

for this very short while

I hope you can be yourselves

and show your authentic smile.

For every opportunity that comes your way

I hope it’s grasped for you

and you’re supported every day

It’s time to say bye now

I’m sorry you had to ask

of course we will miss you

a feeling ever last

Become a foster carer with Bradford Fostering

Are you interested in providing care to a child or young person in the Bradford district? Get in touch with our team to discover how you can make a difference.

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