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Can I foster if I'm LGBT+?

Can I foster if I’m LGBT+? Absolutely! Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, your orientation is not a barrier to becoming a great foster carer.

Every child is unique, just like our foster carers. In Bradford, we have many gay and lesbian foster carers, with more going through the recruitment process right now. Some are single, some are couples, but they all want to make a difference in a child’s life, and to be the best foster carers they can be.

We recruit foster carers to provide safe, loving and stable family environments to children and young people in the Bradford district. Speak to our team about fostering here.

Meet LGBT+ foster carers, Steven and Dean

Steven and Dean began fostering in 2019 as a way to build their family. Since then, they have cared for two children, supporting the first child to move back to their family.

A common concern for some prospective LGBT+ foster carers is that they will face discrimination. When we spoke to Bradford foster carers Steven and Dean, they were keen to address any worries and concerns new carers had about the process:

“Don’t worry that your sexual orientation or gender identity will stop you from fostering and don't be put off from finding out more about fostering. We don’t feel we’ve been treated any differently to any other fostering family, either during the assessment or now as approved foster carers".

"We feel just as valued and respected as every other fostering family working with Bradford Fostering".

As Bradford Fostering carers, Steven and Dean have also joined our Mockingbird programme and are now Mockingbird home hub carers.

The Mockingbird programme connects fostering families in our district together, providing a safe space for children in care to spend time together and essential support and advice to members of our fostering families.

Read more of Steven and Dean’s story here.

Support for LGBT+ carers

Alongside the extensive support all our carers receive with Bradford Fostering, our LGBT+ carers also receive membership to New Family Social, a UK charity who provide a dedicated space to seek advice and make friends within the wider LGBT+ fostering community.

Read more about New Family Social on their website here.

Learn more about fostering in Bradford

If you are LGBT+ and considering starting out on your foster care journey, why not book a call with one of our friendly fostering advisers, who will chat with you about how fostering can work for you.

Book your call back via the button below:

Alternatively, you may wish to download an information pack or rates sheet to learn more about how fostering can complement your current commitments and life goals.

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