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5 fun sports for fostering families to get involved in

Bringing the Summer Olympics to Bradford

Man showing two young girls how to hold a plastic bow and arrow

During the Olympics, over 200 teams from across the world compete for bronze, silver and gold medals in various sports.

As the world’s leading sports event, your family may be inspired by the activities seen on screen - and you’re in luck!

Many of the sports seen during the Olympics can be enjoyed both leisurely and competitively in the Bradford area.

By participating in sports, children and young people learn important lessons about leadership, time management, victory and failure in comforting environments.

Sports also provide a great opportunity to set and work towards goals - from jogging 100m to sprinting 100m in less than 30 seconds - depending on a child’s previous experience.

From archery to athletics, here’s 5 fun sports for your children to try in the Bradford district. Team GB’s newest athlete may be in your family!

Number 1

For fans of The Hunger Games

Reveal your inner Katniss Everdeen by picking up a bow and arrow and try your hand at archery.

Here in Bradford, Bronte Archers accept archers aged 8 and over. Beginners courses are also available.

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Number 2

Excel at the pommel like Louis Smith

From floor exercises to pommel horse , vault, parallel bars and high bars, there are many different gymnastics options for your children to enjoy.

Several gymnastics clubs in Bradford offer classes for children and teenagers, including TK Gymfit, Astre Academy of Gymnastics and Bradford Gym Club.

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Did you know?

The Olympic Games logo is designed to represent the five parts of the world which are linked during the Olympics: North America and South America; Europe; Asia; Africa and Oceania.

At least one of the five colours of the Olympic rings is seen in every flag in the world!

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Number 3

Let’s get swimming

Stay safe in the water this summer by swimming in areas with a lifeguard, and by staying away from water which is fast moving.

Bradford Council’s swimming pools provide an excellent place to cool off this summer - find your nearest swimming pool here.

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Did you know?

If Yorkshire was a country in the 2012 Olympic Games, we would have placed 12th in the medal table.

In 2016, the county would have placed 16th in the medal table, ahead of Croatia, New Zealand and Canada.

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Number 4

Have a run-derful time

Whether you enjoy sprinting or long distance running, there will be an athletics sport for you. If you enjoy team sports, mastering the relay handover option can provide a challenge for even the fastest runner.

The Horsfall Athletics Stadium includes a running track and athletics facilities, run by Bradford Council.

If you fancy running, swimming and cycling - why not have a go at a triathlon like Dewsbury’s Alistair Brownlee - who was educated at Bradford Grammar School.

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Number 5

Climb every mountain

The Bradford district is filled with incredible landscapes, perfect for rock climbing and bouldering.

If you would prefer to exercise indoors, The Climbing Hub in Bradford features rope climbing and free-standing bouldering options. Children over the age of 5 can enjoy supervised sessions, with a focus on safety.

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We are Bradford Fostering

We work with hundreds of families like yours to support children and young people in the Bradford district. If you have ever considered fostering, now may be the time to take the first step.

Why not book an information call back today? Our friendly fostering team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

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