Explaining all things tax and finance for foster carers

Everything you need to know as a foster carer

Understanding how much tax you will pay as a foster carer can be confusing; that’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you manage your tax payments with useful resources and links to organisations who work specifically with foster carers to provide tax advice and support.

Plus, our friendly team at Bradford Fostering are always on hand to help!

Hand drawn image of 2 male foster carers with a young female foster child

What do foster carers earn?

On average, Bradford Fostering pays our foster carers £561 per week, equivalent to £2,043 per month. The actual amount you will earn depends on how many children you are caring for, their ages and other factors, such as your skills and experience. It will also depend if you are a full-time or a part-time foster carer.

We pay our foster carers an all-inclusive weekly amount (or daily amount if part-time). This payment is made up of two parts:

The Fostering Fee

This fee can vary based on your experience and skills level and the number of children you care for. As a new carer, you will typically start as a Level 1 carer. You will have the opportunity to work towards Level 2 status after a year of being approved, and you have completed the Training, Support & Development Standards for foster care and demonstrated your developing skills as a foster carer.