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Children Who Foster: Charley and McCauley

As a foster carer, it is important for your family to be supportive of your decision to foster, including your children and any other family members who spend time in your home on a regular basis.

We spoke with Charley, aged 12 and McCauley, aged 13 about their experiences as children who foster. Their parents are currently long-term foster carers for a child with disabilities. They have fostered for four years.

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Who are ‘children who foster’?

We use the phrase ‘children who foster’ to describe the children of foster carers. This doesn’t just have to be biological children - it can also include grandchildren and other young people who spend a lot of time with an adult foster carer.

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Changing dynamics and routines

It is important to consider the feelings of your own children when you foster a child or young person, and involve them in important decisions.

McCauley said: “You’re involved all the time, and you’re in it together.”

If you foster a child younger than your own children, you may wish to spend one on one time with your own children after your foster child has gone to bed. Charley said:

“We try to help our parents as much as we can, and we have that time together in the evenings which we enjoy.”

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What is it like being a child who fosters?

Charley and McCauley both enjoy being a child who fosters.

Charley said:

“We love him, we see him as our brother. Don’t be worried… the child will settle in.

“We protected the foster kids at school, we didn’t let anyone pick on them”.

McCauley added: “I know a lot more about children with special needs now as the foster child we care for has complex health needs.

“When he’s in a bad mood he can head butt, but now we know him we know how to deal with his behaviour.”

McCauley and Charley both told us: “He’s changed so much, we’ve seen him progress and we can read his signs to know when he’s distressed.”

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Would you like to learn more about fostering in Bradford?

If you would like to support children and young people in the Bradford district, we would be delighted to hear from you. Book an information call back now and chat with our friendly team about life as a foster carer.

Alternatively, please download our information pack, which is filled with important information about the role of a foster carer and the Bradford Council fostering service.

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